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Fix for the Tumblr buttons issue for Firefox users.


Create new bookmark on your bookmarks toolbar

Name it something like ‘buttons’

In the locations bar add the script that’s behind the read more.

Save the bookmark.

Whenever you need the buttons on a page, click the button. You’ll have to do it every time until Tumblr fixes their script or someone comes up with a greasemonkey script for it.

(This is not my fix, I just found it on the firefox support site, but it works)

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Reblogging this from my RP account in case anyone here needs it.


it’s been like an hour and I’m already tired of this.

I should not have to explain to other fans why the ‘heh’ was significant from Sasuke. Keep mocking it and making absurd jokes about it, but you’re not going to change why it’s significant.

(I don’t care for those of you fans who just don’t care about the ‘heh’. This is just responding to the idiotic backlash about the ‘heh’)

Firstly, no it wasn’t a ‘heh’ for Naruto and you know it. The panel and surrounding panels are not set up in any way to imply his response is to Naruto’s shock: it’s clearly a reaction to Sakura.

That out of the way…

Yes the ‘heh’ and a smirk is a tiny reaction, no it’s not ‘TAKE ME NOW, SAKURA!’ but it’s not meant to be, and no one is seriously taking it to mean that. The heh is just an acknowledgment of Sakura’s prowess, a sign of him being amused, impressed, or proud of Sakura’s development (last he really saw of her, she was still a little girl to be protected, and here she leads the charge with an immensely powerful attack).

The important part of the reaction is not the reaction but who it is from. Go re-read the manga, I’m sure you’ll find once you do that Sasuke doesn’t acknowledge anyone like that. Either you’re his rival like Naruto, someone he loves or admires like Itachi or Kakashi, or he just doesn’t give a damn. Even in the anime where he forces Suigetsu to take down a couple armies without killing anyone he’s never outwardly impressed. He doesn’t ‘heh’ at antics around him from his teammates (he doesn’t even react unless he decides to break it up), he does not ‘heh’ at random puppies on the street.

Sure, he might ‘heh’ at things we don’t see, but you know…we have no indication of this at all. It’s just obstinate to say otherwise.

Is the little panel a sign that he’s in ~love~ and they’re getting married? NO. Is it nothing? NO. The one and only thing it establishes is that Sakura is significant enough to him to garner his attention/acknowledgement and a reaction out of him to something she does (a positive reaction, at that). Since it’s a positive reaction, we can probably assume it’s a positive sort of significant, but really it could be a neutral/negative sort of important, too. Argue about that if you want, I don’t care.

Really though


stop being gits about it. Good lord.

One of the for-sure fanfics I intend to write is going to include what should probably be an incredible amount of Orochimaru and Kabuto being bored since it will involve the three years where Sasuke is just lounging around being a brat and I’m not sure how I’m going to handle writing it.

I can’t get over the bizarre crack-headcanon I’ve built up where Orochimaru and Kabuto are secretly married and Orochimaru just ends up nagging Kabuto into doing whatever. And Sasuke is always ‘YOUR idea!’ when he pulls another frustrating stunt like wandering off  to terrorize some villages in a fit of pique I know it isn’t true, but he just lounges around and nags at Kabuto through half of Shippuden…and then Kabuto pulled the 180 from ‘doing this for my own interests’ to ‘turning into Orochimaru just to be close to him' Also when he mused about Orochimaru nagging him ‘again’ if he forgot Sai’s files and the way Orochimaru is just like ‘mmyyyeeeehhhhhh Kabutoooooo I’m boredddd’ while waiting for Kabuto to clean his scalpels


I probably shouldn’t have used Orochimaru as my subject in the blushing meme either

This is half of the reason I’m putting off starting the fic…also why I definitely won’t ever pick up an Orochimaru muse, because the crack would be too tempting


Neji: What’s with that look, Naruto? You planning something?
Naruto: I was just lost in tought!
Neji: You’d better not be up to your tricks!
Naruto: W-What?
Neji: As in Peeping Tom!
Naruto: Huh?…I get it. On the other side is…*There’s also that sort of fun!* That bath felt so good…
Neji: Hey, did you even soak?
Rock Lee: 2298…Just a few more! Naruto, please wait for me! Two thousand…nine hundred ninety-one.
Naruto: Now, to get a nice peek at…
Tenten: Lee?
Sakura: What are doing here, Lee?
Ino: Rock Lee…you…! You were peeping?
Rock Lee: No! I got stuck on something during training and…It was really a accident!
Tenten: Really? Training on the bathhouse roof?
Naruto: Hey! hold it! Bushy Brow’s not like that! Bushy Brow’s our friend! If he says innocent, he’s innocent! Don’t judge him when you don’t even have the proof! Trust your comrade! Have a big heart!!
All: HEH?!!!
Shino: A very small piece of underwear that could only be…
Sakura: Mine…DAMN YOU…!

Naruto Shippuden - Episode 311 (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I can’t figure out why, but for some reason every gif after the first three are just sort of….fuzzy…

I just can’t focus on them no matter how I squint or stare

Although speaking of fun (and cliche, but in the fun way) sasusaku tropes…is it so hard to find fics that aren’t wildly AU-world (vampire, HS, modern), where either Sasuke or Sakura or both! aren’t unrecognizably ooc without good reason, and aren’t first or second person? And don’t bash characters excessively?

I mean…c’mon, I’m new to the fandom, I’d say I’m pretty lenient about the types of fic I’ll enjoy because I haven’t gotten tired of anything yet, why do I keep finding ones that hit my fiction-peeves? (I mean, I’m sure the completely AU-world ones can be quite interesting, but I see no point in those when I’ve barely read any normal ones yet)

Now that I’ve caught up, roleplay is actually a possibility without fear of spoilers.

But…who should I try picking up? I’m a little nervous having never written them before, but—dammit—after 629 chapters and 400 episodes, I can so do this

My current contenders are:

Utakata - Neji - Sakura - Sasuke, and though it would be a challenge I think I could do Shikamaru - Kakashi - Itachi - Kabuto - Sai

Any suggestions? (Because, really, I love all of the characters save for a few villains with certain eyes, and could probably do almost any character if I really tried, and I have no idea which characters are best to start with/in short supply/high demand!)

I also ship most things. Lemme tell you, it’s hard not to ship almost everything with this manga.

I could definitely do Naruto, but not as easily as the rest of Team 7, and if I did, I’d be leaving off his verbal tic, because that gets really old to write really fast.

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